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If you have a question about finding the right loan, then you’ve come to the right place. At Flux Funding, we take responsible lending very seriously and do our best to ensure that our explanations are clear and concise.

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What will I need to qualify for a loan today?.

How do US Financer find the loan I need?

How do I keep my monthly repayments affordable?

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Short Term Loans

Will you be accepted for a short term loan if you have a bad credit score?.

Can you be accepted for a short term loan without needing a credit check?

Are short term loans like weekly instalment loans?

Are short term loans available for students?

Short term loan with bad credit

No credit check short term loan

Bad credit instalment loans

Student short term loans

Bad Credit Loans

Can you find a loan with bad credit without needing a guarantor?.

Are the rates better if you find someone to guarantor your loan?

My credit is poor will this stop me from securing the loan I need?

Can I find a loan without needing a credit check?

Loan without guarantor

Guarantor loans

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Quick Loans

Are quick small loans the most expensive types of loans?

How fast will the money be transfered to my bank?

Can I get a loan online and have the cash today?

I need money in an emergency, what are my best options?

Small loans

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US Financer

Can you be approved for a US Financer even with a bad credit rating?

Are there any US Financer where I am guaranteed to be accepted?

What is an instant US Financer and how fast will I recieve the money?

How do I decide who the best US Financer lender is for me?

US Financer for bad credit

Guaranteed US Financer

Instant US Financer

Best US Financer lenders

Same Day Loans

I need a loan today. What are my options?

Will my bad credit rating stop my being accepted?

Can I get a same day loan without a credit check?

Need money now

Same day loans bad credit

Same day loans no credit check